SP 2010 Totals on calculated columns

Recently I needed to create a participants list where users enter the number of participants (students) split up by gender and class. It also has a "Total" column which calculates the sum of participants. The column looks like this:
So now I needed to display the sum of the "Total" column. That's easy, you might say: just create a view and select the column in the totals section... but... I wouldn't be writing a post if this was the case........
In SharePoint 2010 lists, you still can't display totals on calculated fields. Binging on the subject results in 2 solutions which are both good alternatives. The first solution is creating a Data View Web Part (you can find the screencast from Laura Rogers @wonderlaura here). The disadvantage of this approach is that you must edit the pages in Designer. The second approach is to calculate the total in a workflow after a item is added / modified. Richard Harbridge explains how one can do this in his post here. After I implemented the second option and proudly presented the result to the users, they told me they rather have an excel like view. This pointed out a third option: in the data sheet view, a calculated column can have a total out of the box.
If you don't need the group by etc. and all your users have office installed, a datasheet view is the alternative where you can Total a calculated column out of the box. The lack of this total in a normal view is a bit of a weird "feature" though...


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