TFS 2008 and linked classes

At the company were I used to work we had a lot of shared classes (check this article for more info on shared classes) for all the apps we develop. When I started there in january I asked why they did not have any form of version control. They told me that this was because both vss and tfs could not handle the shared classes. At the time I did not have time to research this, but today I found a few extra minutes.
I made three projects, of which two in the same workspace, created a class in the first project and added the same class as link to the second project. When I added the class as link I got the following warning
.. Ok, now this seems to make sense.. I have both projects in the same workspace so it should not be neccesary to change the bindings..
So far so good... Let's try and change the class in the second project and check in the change from within the second project:
As you can see in the picture above, the path is to the first project...
Change is checked without any problem, let's see if it is really changed in project 1:
It is changed. Ok, so the argument of not having tfs because it cannot manage shared classes is not entirely valid. Let's see what happens when I try to add the class of project one to the third project:


So the shared classes should be preferably in the same solution. If this is not the case, you can still add the class as link to a different solution as long as it is in the same workspace!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bas,

Great article..
I think you're formerly company didn't use TFS because they don't develop in .NET and aren't used to it ?
Maybe they only program in VB6?? an ancient language ??
If they ever will develop in .NET they will start using TFS because it is really great and it will work great when developing in larger team development.


Unknown said...

Hey Nathan,

You're almost right... they did have a few projects in .NET but they weren't developed by the same guys as the old apps. That's why they hired me in the first place, to move the old apps to .NET :-D

Anonymous said...

I know as a fact, that the 'developers' that still work there, are re-inventing the wheel all over and over again...
Because they develop everything in vb6..and they write classes that are for many years now, default in the .NET framework...
But hey...who am I to say that they are *$&@ ??

Anonymous said...

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